Relationship Between School Grades (Academic Success) & Career Success


Hello guys! Sorry for the long break, I had my final exams and work to focus on. Thank goodness that’s over now (the school part). Today, I will be talking about the relationship between the grades someone gets in school and their career prospects.

When I was growing up my teachers used to give me the impression that academic success was crucial to becoming relevant in the society. As much as I would like to believe that, it’s not true. If you take a good look at our society today, a significant percentage of those at the helm of affairs are not scholars.

According to Business Insider, ‘A’ students are more likely to work in organizations owned by ‘B’ students as managers because they are meticulous and tend to focus on one area at a time.  This discovery got me pondering for days, why this is so. After digging deep into the subject, I realized that the reason ‘B’ students become entrepreneurs is owing to the fact that they spend less time with their books and more time doing extracurricular activities as well as venturing into possible entrepreneurial ventures.

Hence, ‘B’ students would have been A students if they studied more and didn’t neglect their school work. Also, I believe that some B students are as smart smarter than A students as A students. Afterall, ‘A’ students are just book smart.

What do you think?

Please leave your contributions and reactions in the comment section. Thanks for reading. ♥️


Reference: Business Insider

21 thoughts on “Relationship Between School Grades (Academic Success) & Career Success

      1. Then they should be allowed to work, a lot of my students should be working and want to work, but the government is insistent that they study until they are 18, I’d been working for 3 years by the time i was 18 😜

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  1. Great post! Says the B student. I just completed a writing class and I got an 80.6% (a B grade) on the final. But I took a million notes and learned a lot. I could have looked up answers to the exam, but I felt like I already got what I needed and cared more about the learning experience. Also, I don’t share my kids grades with others. I hate the stigma of someone doing well or not well based on grades alone.

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  2. In general I agree with you that grades and job prospects don’t necessarily correlate. When thinking of this I remember a woman I met who had degrees from Princeton and Columbia and who was working as an unpaid intern in a bakery. There are however some areas in which academic achievement may open doors for you.

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  3. That is the unfortunate truth that many young academics have to face. It’s possible to be a high achiever and successful, but that’s rare. Majority of those who are successful tend to be those who are either college drop-outs (lack qualifications and or higher education) or those who have a broad world focus. Education is very important, but it isn’t everything. My mom would say “Education is a shield in times of trouble”. Your education can both help you achieve your goals and protect you when your goals are out of reach. People need to remember that you don’t need to be a high achiever academically to be a high achiever in life and that it’s all about the mindset and the willingness to do something about it. For the most part, a majority of us can succeed in life without grades as a concern… Except in fields like health, architecture, engineering and science….then you kind of want the smartest person >.>

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    1. You should be a writer, I always love your response and eloquence. Indeed education is important in certain fields, but it’s not a criteria for success. Thanks for reading. ♥️😊

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  4. Yessss! A well rounded individual will go further. Always. So many graduates are clueless and lack very basic critical thinking and sociable skills. There is more to ‘education’ than just academia


  5. I spent years believing that I needed a First-class degree to be successful and important in society. Three months after achieiving this, I realise how wrong I was. I think grades are important for certain careers (such as the one I wish to pursue) but there are so many other skills that make a person truly remarkable 🙂 Great post!


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